Chef Crissy Taylor

Crissy Taylor is the Owner, Chef, and Creative Director of Taylored Taste


Taylor was born and raised in Washington DC where she was exposed to a melting pot of cuisines but gained an infatuation for asian flavors.

From early on, Taylor enjoyed creating new dishes and entertaining family and friends. Taylor pursued an education in Psychology and Theater and obtained a master’s degree in Educational Psychology. She has over 10 years of experience in the fields of Education and Public Health.  After working with clients and addressing issues such as food deserts and food insecurity, Taylor took initiative with helping clients establish a healthier relationship with food.  During this time, Taylor also decided to launch Taylored Taste Boutique Catering Company.

Taylor specializes in the fusion of Asian flavors. The best-selling dishes include mac & cheese eggrolls, vegan chili, and thai basil chicken. As she continues her culinary journey, Taylor provides catering services for non-profits, fundraisers, baby showers, and other social gatherings.

Outside of her culinary creativity, Taylor works in the field of HIV Prevention and Care. The 32-year-old also spends time designing handmade jewelry pieces for guests as well as party hosts. Taylor is a busy Mom and Wife so she enjoys all down-time with her family.
Fun Facts: 

  • Strong hatred for Cilantro
  •  Fear of tiny holes
  • Outgrew a shellfish allergy at the age of 32

I look forward to serving you & yours!